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In partnership with Herban Eats, the Community Roots program is a 3 week, 100% whole-food, plant-based interventional wellness program that provides clinical, nutritive and culinary solutions that aid in the reduction of disproportional chronic disease rates within African-American and other BIPOC communities.

From plant-based transition coaching and clinical presentations to virtual and in-person cooking demos, tastings and urban garden education,  our program empowers participants through evidence-based clinical, agricultural, culinary and nutritive re-education.   

Who We Serve

With opportunities for in-person or virtual, evidence-based programming, we primarily focus on serving adult members BIPOC churches or families that reside in food desert/apartheid communities; bringing critical, evidence-driven, plant-based nutrition education, culinary flavors and resources directly to communities that need it most. 

We also work with corporate entities interested in creating learning opportunities for BIPOC employees and families. 

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