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With a focus on youth and black and brown communities, Dawn and Nadia worked together to develop a non-profit that would support Nadia's global and community vision for youth, health and tennis and Dawn's vision for health and employment equity, food justice and nutrition education.   



Co-founder and former Power is Giving Executive Director, Nadia's sacrifice, passion for and success in tennis was rewarded with a 4 year high school designation as all-conference and MVP titles. Never resting on her laurels, Nadia worked tirelessly to not only earn her USTA junior tennis ranking but to accept a her full ride tennis scholarship to NCAA division I program  North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC)!

Impacting over 5,000 BIPOC & community youth, Nadia was our lead fundraising champion, managed our Get Fit tennis camps, administered a World Tennis day event for Nickelodeon and worked at Nike Sports as a tennis instructor.  

Featured on tv news and print periodicals such as: USA Today, Greenville News, Talk Magazine, Creative Loafing, Tennis Channel and numerous local NBC, ABC and CBS affiliates, Nadia remained humble; always shining the spotlight on the vision and mission of Power is Giving.   

Nadia received a Bachelors Degree in Psychology in 2018 and actively participates in all Power is Giving programs, as well as many of our collaborative community wellness and equity projects.



Serving as Co-Founder and Executive Director, Dawn utilizes her background in business planning, funds development and project management, to help to ensure that the vision and mission of Power is Giving is fully realized for the betterment of community.    

Dawn received a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Virginia State University and holds various professional leadership, grant writing, culinary, nutrition and facilitation certifications.


Dawn's most recent certification is from E-Cornell in Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition, which she uses to aid numerous Power is Giving programs as well as her company, Herban-Eats, LLC. 

At 55 years old, Dawn's chapters have included accolades as award winning poet, playwright, producer, vegan cookbook author, vegucator and BIPOC equity advocate.

Recently, Beyoncé's charitable foundation, beyGood, selected Dawn as a $10,000 competitive grant recipient, all of which she put to good use in direct service to BIPOC and targeted food apartheid communities during covid 19.   


Oakland native, with over four decades in his field of expertise, Dr. Milton Mills is a board certified physician practicing in the Washington DC metro area.  A graduate of Stanford medical school, Dr. Mills has practiced a vegan lifestyle for more than three decades, is a world renowned speaker/presenter and is widely known for appearances in popular documentaries such as What The Health.   




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