As a collegiate NCAA division 1 athlete, my passion is the game of tennis and outside of competing, nothing brings me more joy than teaching the game to those who might otherwise never know about it!


Join us for our FREE tennis camps to encourage fitness and understanding of the game for youth ages 6-13 held every summer for 2 weeks! 


Also join us for our work with Nickelodeon's Worldwide Day of Tennis Play, which is an annual event that invites communities to go out local designated parks to play & learn about tennis while having fun outside!


The purpose of this program is to immerse communities in a process that moves families from health-poverty to health-wealth.  From vegucation classes and lectures to special events and health-wealth campaigns, initiatives falling under this umbrella are focused on the most expedient and effective way to aid in the reduction of risk factors for our top chronic diseases. Working with a myriad of clinical, culinary, churches, agricultural  and community  collaborative partners, we are making a difference in the lives of our community.   


Our partners at Herban-Eats work collaboratively with us to radicalize wellness and a big part of that is food! 

Our 1/2 day culinary boot camp addresses health from a "cook & learn" point of view and emphasizes the value and affordability of a plant-based, vegan lifestyle.


Targeting underserved youth ages 8-16, boot camp includes a hands on cooking class, a healthy plant-based lunch, a documentary, post-film Q & A session with Clinician, Elizabeth Morris, M.D. and a Food 101 round up with Vegan Chef and Plant-Based Nutrition Professional, Dawn Hilton-Williams. 

Capacity per Boot Camp is 14 per class. 


In an effort to reduce childhood obesity and encourage healthy habits, our Food-Fit program invites children from after school community centers, school or churches to work on work on their knowledge of both food and physical fitness through participation in our quarterly sessions. 


Interactive food demos are executed and shared a select fitness sessions.