In an effort to reduce childhood obesity, especially in disproportionately-impacted communities, our Get Fit boot camps invite children ages 6-16 to work on their knowledge and skills as they relate to food and physical fitness.


Our free Get Fit weekend tennis and wellness boot camps encourage healthy plant-based vegan eating and fitness through exercise and demos and tastings. Get Fit also provides tennis skill development opportunities for participating youth ages 6-16; all led by current and/or former NCAA D1 or D2 collegiate tennis athletes. 




A 60 Minute Community Program Solution

In collaborative partnership with Herban Eats, our Vegucation 101 is a 50 minute introductory virtual or in-person group presentation and tasting program that provides participants with the opportunity to learn about evidence-driven solutions to improved health and wellness through an affordable and flavorful plant-based vegan lifestyle. 

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We work with our collaborative community partner, Herban Eats, LLC, to produce our clinical and culinary community health-based Eat Drink Disrupt Chronic Disease summit, which focuses on the provision of subject matter expert-led solutions that aid in the significant reduction of risk factors for our top chronic diseases. 

With a targeted focus on disproportionately impacted Black Indigenous Communities of Color (BIPOC), the EDD summit, EDD Jr. and EDD Talks programs also primarily present BIPOC keynote clinicians, plant-based chefs, expert moderated speaker panelists and select community vendors to increase deepen connection and engagement  with our BIPOC attendees.  



A Plant-Based Interventional Wellness Series


In partnership with Herban Eats, the Community Roots program is a 4 to 6 week, plant-based vegucation and interventional wellness series that focuses on the provision of clinical, nutritive and culinary solutions that aid in the reduction of disproportional chronic disease rates in food desert/apartheid communities.

From one-on-one coaching opportunities and  clinician-led presentations virtual and in-person cooking demos and tastings, Community Roots endeavors to radicalize wellness through evidence-based culinary and nutritive re-education, coaching and accessible, affordable plant-based solutions toward the mitigation of our top chronic diseases.