Our Founding Team



Former Nike Tennis Instructor and NCAA division 1 student tennis athlete for the women's tennis team at North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC), Nadia attained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, works at Resurgent Capital Services in Greenville, SC and is acts as Programs Director for Power is Giving, Inc. 

Born, November 4, 1995 in Charlotte, NC, Nadia Hilton-Adams was raised the only child for 14 years with single mom, Dawn.  By age 11, Nadia had already experienced a very active volunteer & service life, as her mom's helper. From canvassing and phone banking with political campaigns, to sweeping floors, prepping food and feeding those experiencing homelessness at various churches and shelters in Charlotte, Nadia was a great help to her mother and those causes, which she enjoyed.

From ages 6-10 Nadia was practicing year-round with private coach, Kofi Mawogbe-Start Right Tennis in Charlotte, NC. However, due to a temporary financial setback, which was followed shortly thereafter by Mr. Mawogbe's untimely and unexpected cancer-related death, Nadia put her racquet down just shy of 11 years old.

Nadia worked on school, tennis lessons, practice, tournaments, fitness and program ideas, while Dawn & Nadia worked together on non-profit creation and the development of partnerships that aligned with Nadia's vision.



Dawn serves the organization in the capacity of Volunteer Program Support.  


With a background in business planning & project management, Dawn utilizes those skills to ensure that checks and balances and a firm foundational organizational structure is in place to aid in forwarding the vision and mission of Power is Giving.   


Dawn hails from Yonkers, NY was raised in Charlotte, NC and now lives in Greenville, SC with her husband, Anthony Williams and is Nadia's mom.  


Dawn has a Bachelor's degree in Political Science from Virginia State University and holds various professional leadership, grant writing and facilitation certifications. Dawn's most recent certification is from E-Cornell in Whole-Food Plant-Based Nutrition, which she uses to aid numerous Power is Giving programs as well as her company, Herban-Eats, LLC. 

Dawn is also an award-wnning Playwright/Producer, with an affinity for both the performing and culinary arts (Owner of Herban-Eats, LLC) as well as radicalizing wellness in communities that need it the most. 







Robbie is a longtime vegan activist and president of Hudson Valley Vegans, Hudson Valley, NY


With an extensive background in non-profit management, funds development and the arts, Sandra McMullen is a valued member of our board team and brings a wealth of experience.  A native New Yorker, Sandra resides in Charlotte, NC. 


With extensive background in organizational management, workforce and larbor law practices, Patrice is an advocate supporter of missions work and youth.  Patrice has a Masters Degree and resides in New York City.


An esteemed critical care physician, Dr. Milton Mills, is a renowned vegan health-wealth advocate who was featured in the documentary  "What the Health" and lectures all over the world passionately sharing medical facts about the benefits of a healthy vegan diet.  Dr. Mills resides in Washington, DC. 


Enrich the lives of others through the inherent power of giving.