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To improve the lives of others through the inherent power of giving evidence-driven, plant-based nutrition and wellness education to marginalized communities experiencing disproportionate chronic disease rates as well as systemic environmental and food justice inequities. 

We aid in the reduction of risk factors for our top chronic diseases through the introduction of evidence-based, clinical, fitness, culinary and nutrition education interventions. With a targeted focus on African-American and other Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities, we provide the following programs: Community Roots, NEXT, EDD Summit/Talks and Get-Fit Tennis programs. 


In 2011, Power is Giving co-founder, Nadia Hilton-Adams was selected as grand prize winner of tennis grand slam champion, Maria Sharapova's Use Your Instinct, a national essay contest sponsored by Tennis Channel and Head Racquet Sports. Nadia's prize included an opportunity to meet and hit with Maria in Greenville, SC as well as receive new tennis gear and appear on Tennis Channel in a one minute commercial.   Overwhelmed with gratitude, Nadia felt compelled to do something special.


Over a period of 6 months, Nadia identified Maria's favorite charity and started a grassroots campaign to surprise the tennis star with a donation. Moved by the collective spirit of generosity from neighbors and local businesses, Nadia's $12,000 gift to Maria sparked a passion for giving. 


From fundraisers for collegiate tennis programs and disenfranchised community activities to fitness, esteem-building and plant-based nutrition education programs, Power is Giving has impacted the lives of more than 5,000 disenfranchised community youth, and has donated over $75,000 in actual and in-kind support to 8 domestic and international entities that promote community health, wellness and environmental equity. 

Community Roots Program Power is Giving
EDD Summits Power is Giving
NEXT Program Power is Giving
Get Fit Community Tennis  Power is Giving
EDD Talks Power is Giving
Maria Sharapova, Tennis Channel and Nadia Hilton Adams of Power is Giving Inc


Our surprise $12,000 donation (50% donated by Head racquet sports as a match) helped Maria & the UNDP to help many people in Belarus, Africa and with other campaigns and we haven't stopped the work of giving from that day to this one. 


Tennis Icon Maria Sharapova is one of the successful athletes in the world; worth millions of dollars. Among a field of thousands of entrants, Nadia was the lucky grand prize winner who won lots of HEAD tennis gear and the opportunity to hit with Maria Sharapova in Greenville, SC for two hours while the Tennis World watched through the lens of Tennis Channel!

In the 6 months between finding out she won and Maria and Tennis Channel's arrival in SC, Nadia began raising as a way to say thank you as well as a way to surprise Maria through support of her favorite foundation, United Nations Development Progamme (UNDP) 

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