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Shitu survived Ebola, but both her parents died from the disease at Kenema Government Hospital in eastern Sierra Leone.

Power is Giving Donates $1,000 to UNICEF for Orphans in West Africa

Dawn Hilton-Williams

October 14, 2014


To date, 3,700 children have lost either one or both parents to the Ebola virus.  In an effort to provide needed food, shelter and medicine for the children of West Africa, Nadia Hilton-Adams, Director of Power is Giving and freshman student-athlete at North Carolina A&T State University (Greensboro, NC), is donated $1,000 to UNICEF.  Paul Allen of Microsoft is matching each dollar raised by UNICEF toward Ebola which brings the Power is Giving donation to $2,000!


Nadia says, "UNICEF has boots on the ground and they are risking their lives to help."  "91% of every dolllar donated to them is spent directly to help children, so I thought this would be the best organization to manage this donation."  


"What happens to one child there effects all kids everywhere, we have to help now!"stated Nadia. "Shitu (pictured left) has no parents now so it is our responsibility to help her to survive."  


"Building the school school is still our goal but focusing on the survival and safety of these orphaned children takes precendence," says Dawn Hilton-Williams, Co-Founder of Power is Giving. 


Power is Giving asks that you DONATE TODAY to Power is Giving or directly through UNICEF to help...


Go to the Donate Link, the Contact Us Link or to



PBS airs the Beautifully told Story of an American Hero
Althea Gibson

Dawn Hilton-Williams

August 12, 2015


If you think about all that was going on during the civil rights era, tennis isn't the first thing that comes to mind but for Althea Gibson, tennis was a space where she could be both heard and triumphant just by raising her racquet and hoisting up trophies. A great champion and Ambassador, Althea broke down too many racial barriers to list here and while her name is well-known, her story is a sad, beatuful tapestry of the life of an African-American trailblazer.  


Director Rex Miller paints us a beautiful picture through his 2014 award-winning documentary, Althea which airs nationwide on PBS-September 4th at 9:00PM.  If you love tennis, you won't miss this. 


For more about programming go to .  For more about Director Rex Miller & his body of work:  or  FB:  TWITTER: @altheathefilm






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