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Providing 100% whole food, plant-based (WFPB) clinical and nutritive lifestyle education to BIPOC families and veterans that promote optimal wellness and the mitigation of systemic barriers to equity.



Thriving and equitable communities where BIPOC families and veterans experience optimal wellness and enduring, intergenerational health and wealth.


Believing that access to affordable 100% whole food, plant-based (WFPB) and healthy vegan nutrition is a basic human right, we are guided by principles that compel us to forward evidence-based clinical and nutritive science, palatable teach and taste opportunities and the provision of relatable, culturally competent resources and programs where we work collaboratively alongside clinicians, chefs and subject matter experts to dismantle systemic wellness barriers like nutrition redlining, which disproportionately impacts BIPOC families and veterans.​


We also believe that a 100% WFPB lifestyle transforms, not only human health but also significantly reduces needless harm to sentient beings, ecosystems and the environment, which aligns with the core tenants of a just society. 

Cliff Morris, MD, FACC, DIPACLM


With a focus on the mitigation of chronic disease and systemic inequities, all of our program begin with the acronym "EDD," which means, Eat Drink & Disrupt.  Click on a program logo below to learn more about that program. 

EDD Talks Lunch & Learn Program
EDD Summit Program
EDD Roots Collaborative Program
EDD Fit and Fuel Tennis Program
EDD HBCU Town Hall & Tasting Program
Co-Founder Nadia Hilton Adams and grand slam champion Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova, Tennis Channel and Nadia Hilton Adams of Power is Giving Inc



In 2011, 15-year-old Nadia Hilton-Adams won the grand prize in tennis star Maria Sharapova’s national essay contest, “Use Your Instinct,” sponsored by Tennis Channel and Head Racquet Sports.

Nadia’s reward was a ½ day visit and hitting session in her hometown of Greenville, SC with grand slam tennis champion Maria Sharapova and Tennis Channel. Nadia also received new tennis gear, and co-starred with Maria in a commercial that still airs both online and on Tennis Channel today. 

With a desire to thank Sharapova for the life-changing experience, Nadia spent 6 months identifying Maria’s primary charity, which was the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and organizing a grassroots fundraising campaign to surprise the tennis star upon her arrival.

Buoyed by a strong outpouring of generosity from neighbors and area businesses, Nadia’s small gesture of gratitude swelled to a $12,000 contribution.

This experience lit a fire in Nadia to continue “paying it forward," sparking mother and daughter to formally establish and grow the organization.

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