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Eat Drink Disrupt 

A Vegucation & Flava Summit!

In an effort to help fund our ongoing core programs for Power is Giving, the Eat Drink & Disrupt Summit has been one of our most effective funds development and supportive program resources.


We are excited to partner again with Herban Eats, LLC to present our Annual Eat Drink and Disrupt Chronic Disease Vegucation & Flava Summit!  Practicing all covid safety protocols, We're proud to introduce our line up of renowned clinical, culinary and community-based plant-based leaders! 


Our incredible mainstage presenters are Cardiologist, Baxter Montgomery, MD, FACC & Founder of Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center (Houston, TX), Critical Care Physician & Director, Milton Mills, MD (Washington DC area) and Miyoko's Vegan Creamery Founder & CEO, Miyoko Schinner (Petaluma CA). 


Our Food Apartheid in the Covid Era Panelists are: GW Chew (Oakland, CA), Dawn HIlton-Williams-Herban Eats & EDD Summit Founder (Greenville, SC), Milton Mills MD (Washington DC) and Michael Brown, Esq., Attorney & Sustaining Way Exec. Director (Greenville, SC)  



From 100% plant-based vegan food and nutrition to well care and minority-owned and/or plant-based business marketplace has something for everyone! Here's a sneak peak at just a few of our vendor-partners: 

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PRCM), Vegan Outreach, Health-Wealth Bookstore, Maranatha Farms and Wellness, Latin Flavorz, Jenauri's Bakery, Miyoko's Creamery, Pink Salt Chef, Herban Eats and limited products from Celebrity Manufacturer/Vegan Chef, GW Chew Something Better Foods (Better Chew) and so much more!

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