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While Nadia and I began with a simple gesture of giving back, we understood that to stem the tide of inequity, we'd have to create and tether our organization to a sustainable why that could also serve as guiding principles for our board, volunteers and staff. 

Established in 2011 as a vehicle for non-traditional youth fitness and mentorship in underserved communities, Power is Giving, Inc. has evolved, with a focus on optimal wellness and empowerment. A 100% whole food, plant-based (WFPB) charitable organization, Power is Giving provides the tools necessary to aid in the dismantling of systemic barriers that have long denied Black Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) and veteran communities access to life-saving education and the power of WFPB nutrition.

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Due to systemic practices, like nutrition redlining and food apartheid, African Americans lead in rate of death and disability from our top chronic diseases. From a heart disease at a rate 1.5 times higher than whites, to obesity plaguing nearly half of all African Americans, longstanding disparities are not just statistics, they’re a call to action.  


Believing that it’s the fundamental right of every human being to equitably access wellness equity and resources, our five core programs, led by BIPOC activists, clinicians, chefs, and experts with lived experience, serve as lifelines that for individuals interested in reclaiming their health-wealth. 


By pairing evidence-based findings with nutrition science, fitness and culturally resonant lifestyle education, we illuminate the incredible benefits of a 100% WFPB or wellness-centered vegan lifestyle toward the prevention, arrest and reversal of our our top, diet and lifestyle-fueled chronic illnesses. 


Recognizing that embracing a 100% WFPB or healthy vegan lifestyle is also an act of generational responsibility, our commitment extends to the reduction of harm to all sentient beings as well as the environment we will leave behind. 


Through our programming, partnerships and collective action, we stoke the flames of a movement of that centers around equity, access, compassion and liberation from systemic oppression. 

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